Could a Sleep Divorce Cure Your Insomnia?

Patient Expert

Insomnia can cause a host of health problems ranging from cardiovascular problems to depression – and that's on top of the exhaustion that insomniacs often have to deal with on a daily basis.

Furthermore, some relationship problems can also be attributed to insomnia.

Poor sleep quality can cause resentment in a relationship and even foster feelings of ingratitude toward one another. Poor sleep also contributes to couples devaluing each other, as well as being less in-tune to their partner’s moods.

So, is sleeping apart a good choice for your relationship?There are psychological and emotional reasons why couples should sleep together in one bed. The main reason couples sleep together is that it deepens their intimacy and closeness. This is a valuable aspect of the relationship and what makes it special. When this time is not shared, it can have a huge impact on the relationship.

Before you and your partner opt for a sleep divorce, try to work as a team to confront the insomnia so you can continue to share the same bedroom. Make sure you both have good sleep hygiene and habits and that your sleeping environment is as it should be so both of you are comfortable.

_"Before you and your partner opt for a sleep divorce, try to work as a team to confrom the insomnia so you can continue to share the same bedroom."  _


Everything in the sleep environment should be investigated to ensure it is conducive to sleep. This includes bedding, lighting, noise, and even temperature.

If the insomnia and disrupted sleep continues after the environment and sleep hygiene practices have been put in order, address the issues with a doctor or sleep specialist. It could be an underlying health problem that is causing the insomnia. No matter the reason for the insomnia, effective treatments are available.

Like everything else in a relationship, insomnia is an issue that should be viewed and tackled together. Leaving one person alone to deal with the problem is not the answer and doing so could be detrimental to the health of your relationship as a whole.

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