Could I Have Developed New Migraine Triggers?

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I've had migraines for around 40 years now. At first, doctors just gave me prescriptions for pain pills that I absolutely hated. My neurologist "fired" me several years ago because I questioned the pain pills, and that ended up being a good thing. My new neurologist prescribed Imitrex for me and introduced me to triggers, which nobody had ever explained before. She even suggested a special elimination diet, and that revealed that a couple of foods were triggers. That's the back story. My question is this — Could I have developed new migraine triggers after 40 years? Perfume never bothered me before, but now it seems to be giving me migraines. It happens with my own perfume and with perfume others wear. Thanks for your time, Yvonne.


Dear Yvonne;It's really good to "hear" that you were proactive in finding a new doctor when you were uncomfortable with your treatment. Your new doctor sounds like a better fit for you, and it was time that someone explored migraine triggers with you.Yes, you can develop new migraine triggers. That's not at all unusual. In fact, we have an article on that very question. Please take a look at Can You Develop New Migraine Triggers?, and you'll see that you're not alone in this phenomenon.Thank you for your excellent question,
Dave Watson and Teri Robert

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