Could Lentils Be One Key to Lower Blood Sugar?


Healthy adults can reduce their blood sugar levels by replacing starchy foods like rice and potatoes with lentils, suggests a small study conducted at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.  Lentils, also called pulses, are protein-packed legumes.

This study involved 24 adults with no known medical problems. The researchers measured blood glucose levels before and again two hours after the study participants ate one of four dishes: white rice only, half white rice and half large green lentils, half white rice and half small green lentils, and half white rice and half-split red lentils. Then, the researchers repeated the same process for white potatoes, using the same combinations.

In people who replaced half a typical rice serving with each type of lentil, blood sugar levels dropped 20 percent. In those who replaced half a serving of potatoes with the legumes, blood sugar levels decreased 35 percent. The reason blood sugar levels dropped is that lentils and other pulses can slow digestion and the release of sugars into the bloodstream.

Sourced from: The Journal of Nutrition