Could Soda Affect Your Fertility?


The equivalent of just one sugar-sweetened beverage a day by either partner reduces a couple’s chances of conceiving, according to a study conducted at Boston University School of Public Health and published in Epidemiology.

Sugary drinks have been linked to a number of health problems, including obesity and type 2 diabetes, as well as to early menstruation and poor semen quality. For this study, researchers surveyed 3,828 women aged 21 to 45 and 1,045 of their male partners through the Pregnancy Study Online, an ongoing, comprehensive research project involving North American couples.

Sugar-sweetened beverage intake in the women and men in the study was associated with a reduction in the average monthly probability of conception (called fecundability). Women who drank at least one soda per day had a 25 percent lower probability of conceiving, and men had a 33 percent lower probability. Energy drink intake resulted in an even greater risk of infertility, while drinking fruit juice or diet soda appeared to have little impact on fertility.

Sourced from: Epidemiology