Could Your Name Affect Your 'Look?'

Have you ever been told by someone you either do or don't look like your name? Or when you think of a name, do you imagine a person with that name to look a certain way, or expect them to have certain features? New research shows there may be something to the idea that people with the same name often share the same "look."

In one experiment, people shown a stranger's face and given a choice of five names picked the right name about 35 percent of the time. The research team conducted about a dozen other studies showing that people—as well as one computer algorithm—can reliably match names and faces with better than the random expectation of about 20 percent accuracy.

According to the computer algorithm developed by researchers, people with the same name seem to have similarities around their eyes and mouths. The reasons for this are not understood at this time, but this research may put added pressure on new parents choosing the perfect name for their baby.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: NPR