Couples share healthy or unhealthy habits

Love may be blind, but even blindfolded we often chose partners with similar habits and lifestyles as our own.  Building on this theory, a Norwegian study found that a person’s choice of partner has a significant impact on the health of both people in the relationship.  Why?  They feed off of one another’s healthy or unhealthy habits.

Many studies have shown that the more education a person has, the healthier they are likely to be in adulthood.  And, whether they know it or not, people tend to choose partners with a similar level of education and socio-economic background as their own.  This study, rather than simply looking at individual health, concludes that those two factors often mean that members of a couple will often emulate each other’s healthy or unhealthy habits.

So, according to the research, two people with unhealthy lifestyles individually are more likely to remain unhealthy as a couple and two people with healthy habits will likely be a healthier couple.

Sourced from: Science Daily, Choice of Partner Affects Health