Cramping And Hot Flashes


Asked by Barb

Cramping And Hot Flashes

Does anyone else experience cramping before a hot flash? I'd entered menopause by the time I was 48. The doctor put me on HRT for 10 years, and I've been off Prempro for five years. However, I still get hot flashes, mood swings, all the usual symptoms, except before every hot flash I experience severe cramping and sometimes I get so nauseated I vomit. They only last a minute or so, but they do happen before every hot flash.


Hi Barb,

This is not a common combination but I have had patients report various symptoms which always come with a hot flash, nausea is a common one. The same thing that triggers the hot flash, a dip in estrogen and therefore hormone imbalance, is what brings the other symptoms along. With the symptoms you are experiencing you may want to explore bioidentical hormones. I have a couple of postings on this site about them which might be helpful in your decision-making.

Good luck, Sandy

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Answered by Sandy Greenquist