Creating the Perfect Migraine Cave

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We crave quiet isolation during a Migraine attack. Creating a safe space is an important part of good Migraine management. Many patients refer to this as their “Migraine cave” because the two most important elements are darkness and cool temperature. There’s a lot more to creating the perfect “cave” than just turning off the lights and grabbing an ice pack. Here are a few essential elements to consider:

1. Quiet

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hit a mute button to turn off the sounds of the world around us? Experiment with silicone or foam ear plugs, noise-cancelling headphones, or white noise as a sound buffer.

2. Dark

During a Migraine attack, turning off the lights isn’t always enough. Room darkening drapes are quite helpful. When away from home, you can cover windows with aluminum foil for a temporary shield. Don’t forget to cover the light from digital clocks, too. Even with these measures, we may need a soft eye mask, too.

3. Cold

You can never have too many ice packs or wearable ice hats. It may be helpful to put a small refrigerator with a freezer right inside your “cave” for quick access.

4. Warm

A collection of heating pads and bags filled with corn, rice, or flaxseed are helpful when tense muscles are better relieved by heat.

5. Access to water

Swallowing pills and staying hydrated are not the only reasons to use water. A warm bath or the strong pulse of a shower head may ease our pain, too.

6. Comfortable

Soft blankets, a comfortable pillow, and a soothing place to lie down make the bedroom a perfect Migraine “cave.” On the go, a travel pillow makes resting in new places easier.

7. Odorless

Migraine is often accompanied by osmophobia (increased sensitivity to odors). Banning the presence of perfumes, cleaning products, air fresheners, incense, potpourri, or scented candles can make recovery much easier. For some, the mild, natural scent of certain essential oils actually eases the nausea and discomfort of a Migraine.

8. Clean

Let’s face it. Vomiting is a part of Migraine. None of us enjoy it. Keeping the bathroom clean makes this unpleasant event a little easier.

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