Is Is A Crime To Steal Prescription Medication Prescribed To Another Person?


Asked by Erik

Is Is A Crime To Steal Prescription Medication Prescribed To Another Person?

Withouit my knowledge or consent, my fiance took a bunch of my bottled prescriptions, all are all highly controlled substances, which had been prescribed to me by licensed physicians, for legitimate purposes. Isn't this a felony or multiple felony offenses, under both state and federal level? How should I get my medication back from her? I need to take my medicine very badly. I could go into a seizure if I continue to go without my meds.


Hi Erik,

The answer is most likely yes. It is probably against the law to steal prescriptions that do not belong to you. How you go about getting them back however might be difficult. Did she take them for a reason? Does she plan to use them herself?

I am not sure what state you live in, but states like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Virginia have ammended their state laws to include prescription theft as a 3rd class felony.

You have several options;

You can ask her to return them. Appeal to her sense of right and wrong and remind her that you need those medications and why.

You can alert your insurance company that the medications have been taken and tell them the circumstances and let them pursue. You stand a chance of getting them replaced by the insurance company if you file a report, but they will go after the fiance.

You can call the police, fill out a report, and in all likelihood they will warrant your fiance and arrest her. This would probably end your relationship, and not knowing whether you consider that good or bad I can't tell you which way to go.

This is a tough decision, cause either way you go it is going to hurt someone. Good luck and let us know how you are doing!

Vicki M