Can You Have Both Crohn's Disease And Ulcerative Colitis?


Asked by Cola

Can You Have Both Crohn's Disease And Ulcerative Colitis?

My husband was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 8 years ago. He has been in a flare up for almost a year now and now doctors are discussing Crohn's disease. We are wondering can you be diagnosed with both?



Your husband wouldn't be diagnosed with both UC and Crohn's. In my case I was diagnosed with UC ten years ago. A few months ago when I was in a flare some of my symptoms made my doctor think I was trending more in the Crohn's direction. I could have a colonoscopy done to verify her theory, but for me, the treatments that I use for the UC helped the flare calm down and all is back to normal.

But no, he wouldn't have both. It's one or the other. They can be tricky to diagnose and sometimes it's not until symtpoms get worse or new symptoms arise that a definitive diagnosis can be made for one or the other.

A colonoscopy and a look at his small bowel will be the most likely tests they do to figure this out.

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Answered by Elizabeth Roberts