Cronic Stomach Pains, Can't Keep Anything


Asked by Bethany

Cronic Stomach Pains, Can't Keep Anything

My boyfriend has severe stomach pains. He has acid reflux, hasn't been able to keep anything down for days. He had an endoscopy like 5 years ago and all they said was his stomach was a little pink. He's been throwing up bile and spit for the past few days and hasn't slept well since saturday. He's constantly in pain we've tried: Pepto Bismo, prilosec, aloe vera juice, yogurt, sprite, lemon juice, and more....nothing's helped...any's hard to visit a doctor in california with little money and no insurance.....


I am concerned that he isn't keeping anything down. He could become dehydrated which could be very dangerous. Also, when he throws up does it ever look like used coffee grinds? If so, that is a sign of a stomach bleed which can be a medical emergency.

He could have a case of food poisoning or stomach flu. Food poisoning is of course concerning and you may need to seek medical attention if he doesn't get better quickly.

While GERD can cause vomiting it is not considered a sign of GERD. What you are describing is more likely to be due to another cause which should be checked by a doctor soon if he's not getting better soon.

Good Luck - Stephanie

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