How Can I Cure Anxiety/fear/worry/emotion Related Chest Pain


Asked by Sandy

How Can I Cure Anxiety/fear/worry/emotion Related Chest Pain

I have Generalized anxiety disorder (and also chronic gastritis). Even during very normal stress or sometimes without stress, I feel chest pain for sometime. For example, whenever I watch emotional scenes (even sentimental or sexually emotional) in TV, film or before presentation or seeing patients in hospital or sometimes even during call on phone, I have chest pain (sometimes with palpitation). Most of the time I think about my heart though it is normal from echo, ecg (partial RBBB) etc. It has been a problem for few years and it was not the case few years ago. I think I am emotional and I have weak heart. Though I know that these things are very very common, I still cannot control it. What could be the way to get rid of these unnecessary anxiety etc.



It is important to make sure the chest pain is not caused by any physical problems. If that is the case, some training in relaxation and breathing techniques can be very helpful. Most cognitive behavioral therapists could teach you these techniques. To find a therapist in your area go to and click on the find a therapist link or try

Gerald Tarlow, Ph.D.