Cutting Hair Short Help Headache Or Migraine???


Asked by drb

Cutting Hair Short Help Headache Or Migraine???

I know this sounds a little silly to me, but I have just had a therapist who specializes in headaches who advised me to cut my hair short and that would help the headaches & migraines. Something about some electric current in hair folicales. Has anyone experienced this??



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I've never heard anything like this theory of electric current in hair folicles triggering Migraines. With all the research that's been done, I'd think that would be well known by now if it had any scientific foundation.

One thing that occurs to me is that long, heavy hair could cause a tension-type headache which, in turn, could trigger a Migraine. That does happen to some people when they put their hair up and pull it too tight.

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Answered by Teri Robert