Can Cyct Or Fibroderma Cause A Dimple?


Asked by elahe

Can Cyct Or Fibroderma Cause A Dimple?

thank you for your answer I have another question ,can fibroama or cyct cuase a dimple? or putrefaction can cause a dimple ?and MRI is more presise than mamogram ???

is it possible that a fibroaderma be a tumor lump or convert?


Any type of lump in the breast can cause a dimple. Fortunately, most lumps are not cancer. There are several types of imaging techniques that can help the doctor decide what type of lump a woman has. An ultrasound is very good at diagnosing a fluid-filled cyst, which is not dangerous. Mammograms and MRI's each give a different type of image. Usually doctors start with mammograms because they are easier to administer and more available. If they can't get the information they need from an ultrasound and mammogram, then they might order an MRI. Another option for finding out whether a lump is cancerous or benign is to do a biopsy of the lump. I haven't heard of fibroadenomas turning into cancer. Sometimes surgeons recommend removing them if they are large because they might be causing pain, or they might make it harder to find a cancerous lump.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson