Daily "Heavy Head" Pressure Headaches, Worse At Night & Severe/migraine With Barometric Changes?


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Daily "Heavy Head" Pressure Headaches, Worse At Night & Severe/migraine With Barometric Changes?

I live in Ohio and get daily "heavy head" pressure headaches that become worse at night, as does the accompanying congestion. When the barometric pressure changes (constantly in Columbus, OH!), I get severe headaches, sometime incapacitating. I have tried numerous sinus meds, ruled out allergies, have had turbinate surgery, and more CT scans than I want to count.Imitrex helps, but the local medical community cannot come up with a successful treatment. Any suggestions on the next step I should take?


Hi karen,

While we cannot diagnose you because we are not medical professionals, we can give you information about Migraine disease and headaches. Migraine attacks can be triggered by certain foods, changes in sleeping patterns and barometric pressure changes to name just a few. A few triggers can be avoided, but there are others, that are unavoidable. Medications can be taken before a weather front moves in or for a plane flight. More information on Migraine Triggers can be found HERE.

If we take certain OTC and/or prescription medications more than two to three days a week, we may unknowing create another type of headache called Medication Overuse Headache, MOH. Some of these medications include OTC's like ibuprofen and such as acetaminophen. Prescription pain relievers such as opioids, codeine and diluadid. The only way to stop MOH is to discontinue the medication that is causing the problem. Read this article for more details: Medication Overuse Headache - When the Remedy Backfires.

Transformed Migraine - Risk Increased by Some Medications is an important article because more research shows how important it is not to overuse certain medications because it can complicate an already difficult headache case.

You 've said you feel the local medical community has done all it can for you. One of the issues may be there isn't a "true" Migraine specialist around. A Migraine specialist is the expert who treats patients with Migraines and headache disorders, devoting their entire practice to it. Neurologists may be fine doctors, but aren't usually experts in one area because they treat so many different conditions like MS, epilepsy and stroke. You might want to think of it like this: if a pipe under your kitchen sink breaks, you call a plumber - the expert. You could call a handyman who could fix the broken pipe, and any other problems that are in the kitchen. But the best thing is to call the expert. Our article: Migraine and Headache Specialists - What's So Special? has great information on this topic. Then when you are done reading that, you can look for a new doctor on our patient recommended Migraine list HERE.

I hope this information helps.

Good luck


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk