Dating, Marriage, Kids, and Genetics: Would you date someone with your disease?

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There are millions of people in the U.S. who have some type of skin condition, including acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, villitgo - the list goes on. But what is the dating scene like for those who live with these diseases?

Honestly there is no one set answer, but today we’ll focus on those who may have a difficult time dating.

While there are some who are open about their disease, there are others who live in silence and attempt to hide their condition as much as possible.

For me, dating has never really been an issue; Sure, I’ll choose a meal and some quality time with a guy I like. But when it comes to intimacy, that has always been a different story. To let someone in sexually for me was a tough decision. I didn’t know how they would take my psoriasis or what they would truly think about my condition.

So far I’ve run into some accepting men, who I have met through mutual friends or some common interest. Yet most times I didn’t feel comfortable enough to have sex no matter how accepting they seemed to be. But these guys usually don’t initially know about my condition. What I do wonder is would these men/women still approach those of us with psoriasis in public without knowing us in any way if they saw our disease first.

Years ago I met a young lady on twitter who was pregnant at the time. She revealed to me she had psoriasis, and her boyfriend had never seen her skin in the light. The lights had to be off when they had sex. Unfortunately, I can relate to her insecurities and I’m sure a lot of us can.

To Date or Not to Date: The Question of Genetics

Like many who live with chronic diseases, you usually strive better when you surround yourself with those who understand you most. These people are usually ones who share the same condition. But I ask, would you date someone who had your disease? It would be so nice to have someone who wouldn’t judge you, who knew EXACTLY what you are dealing with, and what to expect, right?

Well, when considering genetics, family, and having children that question becomes a debatable topic for some.

There is a lot of research being done on genetics and diseases like psoriasis. The Psoriatic and Psoriasis Alliance (PAPPA) reveals that thus far 7 genes have been linked to psoriasis and the reasons for those abnormalities differ.

So how likely is someone to pass psoriasis on to their children? Check out these facts from

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I would hate to pass this disease on to my child, but I want children. Is it selfish of me to bring a child into this world knowing that they may possible have to endure what I went through? To increase this chance even more by starting a family with someone who also has this disease? These are tough questions I’ve asked myself. In the end, mostly likely I am going to have kids. I feel confident in my ability in raising strong and courageous children. I actually believe those with psoriasis who have kids with the disease are a bit more equipped on the dealings of this condition.

What are your thoughts and experiences on the issue, I really want to hear from you!