My 13 Daughter Weighs 216lbs Is That Too Heavy???


Asked by lily t

My 13 Daughter Weighs 216lbs Is That Too Heavy???

She is 5ft 2inches in height she weighs 216lbs/15.4stones, shes 13 years old. She has a BMI of 39.1 - which is obese but 40 is severely obese.

The circumferance of her waist is 115cm/45in, the circumferance of her thigh is 56cm/22in and her chest is 91cm/36in.

I am very concerned that she may develop diseases such as diabetes or heart disease if she doesnt lose weight. If anyone has any suggestions please say so..thankyou.


You need to ask your pediatrician for help and create a team (doctor/dietician/source of exercise daily) to help her. as her mom, you don't mention if this is "in the family" - whether it is or isn't everyone at home needs to agree to change habits and the way the household(frig/pantry/eating out) runs for the health of everyone as you help your daughter to shed weight. Find a university hospital nearby that may have a child or teen weight loss/support program. Your fears are well-founded but you cannot isolate your daughter.

My book Fat Families Thin Families is available at and might help to both educate you and offer a family plan.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.