My Daughter Worries About Everything


Asked by shelly

My Daughter Worries About Everything

My daughter is nine soon and the last few weeks she has been getting upset a lot and worries about everything and when you tell her its nothing to worry about she still worries. She also says she thinks things in her head and they are usually the opposite of what she really feels. She s been getting up early and having stomach aches and headaches. Her teachers say she s been ok at school and her work is still good. She says it helps when she is busy or watching t.v so she stops thinking. She has improved a bit since it started. Can you tell me what this could be please.


Hi Shelly

I have an anxious child so I can relate. The first thing I would want to know is...has there been any changes in her environment lately? Is she dealing with any upsetting things at school such as a bully or something like that? It is really good that you are in touch with her teacher.

What sorts of things cause your daughter to worry? Does her mind race with thoughts? It sounds like she is having thoughts she does not wish to have.

If this is causing her to suffer and is becoming more of the norm than not to feel all this anxiety...maybe it wouldn't hurt to look into some counseling for her. You don't want to make a big thing out of something if it is not but at the same time being proactive can help.

Will you let us know how things go for her in the weeks to come? I know as a mom you are probably worried. It is good that you have reached out here. We are listening!

Answered by Merely Me