How long Does Lyrcia stay in your System After you Quit Taking it?


Asked by gina

How Many Days Does Lyrica Stay In Your System After You Quit Taking It?

How long does Lyrica stay in your system after you quit taking it?


I don't really know. Lyrica's half-life in your body is about 6 hours; that means half of it is gone is 6 hours; 3/4's of it is gone in 12 hours, 7/8th's is gone after 18 hours, etc.

If you're worried about a drug test you shouldn't be; Lyrica is a non-narcotic pain reliever that is made (and works) differently than narcotic pain relievers. It's not addictive and they won't be testing you for it.

Just because a medication has the potential for dependence doesn't mean it's treated the same way that an addictive substance is treated. You can read more about the difference between those two things here: Opioids - the difference between addiction and dependence

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