How Do I Deal With A Paranoid Schizophrenic Who Is Violent?


Asked by jen

How Do I Deal With A Paranoid Schizophrenic Who Is Violent?

My boyfriend hears voices which are always negetive, and thinks his parents are paying people to poison him. When he feels anything abnormal, or perceives any bodily feeling as abnormal, such as heart beating, chest pain, numbness, headache, etc. he thinks it is a symptom of poisoning. When most likely it is anxiety, panic attacks, or side effect of his medication. Sometimes he becomes very angry, and terrified, and eventually becomes violent. What kind of therapies or help are available for someone like him? Also how affective are these treatments?


Treatment will be your only savior in this condition - for both you and your boyfriend. He needs to see a psychiatrist and get on stable medications as soon as possible - even while he is in jail. If you are planning on staying with him then it would be wise for you to attend his appointments with his psychiatrist as a sign of support. Additionally, the psychiatrist will be able to help you through your relationship.

It is important, when you are in a schizophrenic relationship, to take care of yourself. You need to talk to a medical professional on your own and figure out if this relationship is in your best interest. While you want to support him, your safety comes first. However, studies do show that emotional support from family can aid in schizophrenia and keep patients from relapsing - so support is important. There are several other influencers that can help a schizophrenic patient-I encourage you to study up on them and be prepared.

If your boyfriend gets treatment immediately, his chances of recovering from schizophrenia are best. There are also coping strategies your boyfriend can try when he hears voices - such as talking to others who also hear voices, and trying to understand what the voices are saying and why.

I encourage you to follow HealthCentral's schizophrenia community for more information to get you and your boyfriend through this trying time. However, most importantly - if you feel you are in danger it would be best to support your boyfriend from a distance until he is better.

Answered by Christina Bruni