Dealing With A Depressed Spouse


Asked by TEB

Dealing With A Depressed Spouse

My wife was diagnosed with depression approximately one year ago and her condition is causing problems in our marriage and with our teenaged son. She has medication to treat her depression but she refuses to take it. Does anyone have advice on how I can persuade her to take her medication?


This is a terribly difficult situation to be in.   Have you discussed your wife's refusal to take the prescribed medications with her physician or therapist?   It's important that he or she know that your wife's depression is not receiving the treatment prescribed for her. Untreated depression can carry significant risks, both to the sufferers' health and to their relationships with others.

You might also be interested in a support group for spouses of people who suffer from depression, including the one on this site.   Sometimes it is very helpful to have the support of people who are dealing with the same situation.

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