Decreased Ejaculate Volume Post Biopsy


Asked by Peter

Decreased Ejaculate Volume Post Biopsy

I am a 42yo male with a family history of prostate cancer. My doctor recommended a PSA test which came back at a value of 4 which was considered high for my age. Subsequent tests showed an elevation now at 8. I have had 2 biopsys that were normal. There is no infection or inflamed prostate.

My problem is that post 3 months from the last biopsy I have extremely decreased Seminal fluid in my ejaculate. I do ejaculate a good amount but it is pure clear liquid. Is it possible my seminal vessels were damaged? and is there a procedure or medication that can fix this. My urologist suggested Flomax but don't have problems with urine flow and from what i have read about flomax it may cause a decrease in ejaculate volume.


There is no obvious reason that you should be experiencing decreased ejaculatory volume after a biopsy. If the seminal vesicles were biopsied, it would clearly be documented on the biopsy report, however even if they were biopsied, the seminal vesicles would rapidly heal. There is no association with seminal vesicle biopsy and long-term decrease in ejaculatory volume. Flomax will certainly not increase ejaculatory fluid and can often decrease ejaculate. In all likelihood with time, the seminal fluid should return back to normal.

Answered by Jay Motola, M.D.