Delayed Response


Asked by bwick493

Delayed Response

Has anyone heard of this scenario?? A person hears voices for a couple of weeks and then they seem to quiet down or go away...then they develop a paranoia where they think someone is trying to poisen them...then they are left with this delyed when they are asked a question it is like they were not listening the first time and then you repeat the question and they answer it just fine. Also the person has become non-conversational...only talks when poken to or if someone asks a question and engages in very little conversation. Also seems to lack some logical reasoning like to play a game that any 9 year old can play but they can't play it...or like constantly putting the cue ball at the wrong end of the table after a scratch????

Any response?????


Hello bwick493,

It's possible that what you describe could happen to someone. Sometimes the medication needs to be adjusted or changed if the person has had a long run on the meds and there's been no progress at all.

Though my delusions and paranoia and experiences with the schizophrenia were different, what you describe reminds me of what happened to me when I relapsed after the drug holiday I was on failed.

I urge anyone with schizophrenia to commit to taking their medication and if the medication doesn't seem to be working, to talk to their doctor about possible solutions.



Answered by Christina Bruni