Demanding parents raise risk of obesity in kids

Parents who are overly demanding with their children may be increasing their risk of becoming obese. According to the finding, presented by the American Heart Association at a conference in San Francisco this week, very strict and unaffectionate parents may raise the chance of their kids becoming obese by one-third compared to children of more emotional and less authoritative parents.

To conduct their study, researchers at McGill University in Montreal followed a group of 37,577 Canadian children up to 11 years old. They compared kids whose parents are generally affectionate, have reasonable discussions about behavior with their child and set healthy boundaries with those whose parents were strict about limits without much dialogue or affection.

To correlate the parents’ parenting style with the kids’ weight, researchers compared parents’ answers to a cross-sectional survey and then categorized parenting styles and analyzed them with respect to children’s body mass index (BMI) percentile.

The results showed that the second group of children had a 30 percent higher chance of being obese among kids 2 to 5 years old and a 37 percent higher chance among kids 6 to 11 years and that parenting style affected obesity no matter what income level was analyzed.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Ruling with an iron fist could make your child pack on pounds