Depressed, Unable To Return To School


Asked by Kira_May

Depressed, Unable To Return To School

I am an 18-year-old senior in high school and I have not been to school in a little over a month. I've always had "school refusal" issues, partly due to depression and anxiety and partly because I don't feel comfortable outside my house, even with my friends. This year, however, the issues have been particularly severe. My mother does not understand my problems, and her anger at me for not attending school has made my depression worse. It's to the point that the things I love to do are nothing more than chores. I have tried seeking help at local clinics, but they all have very long waiting periods to see someone, even when I tell them I have been having suicidal feelings.

What should I do about dealing with the depression, finding treatment for it, and overcoming the issues related to attending school?


I am not a therapist but what you're describing definitely has a great deal in common with symptoms of both depression and anxiety. Seeking the help of a therapist or healthcare provider sounds like the most important step for you at this point, since they can both diagnose your symptoms and provide treatment.

I think you should wait on one of those appointments or go to an emergency room if you are feeling like giving into these suicidal thoughts.   Having a doctor or therapist diagnose the condition and explain it to your mother also might help the two of you tackle these issues - including the problems with attending school - more as a team, as well.

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