Depressed People More Likely to Develop Facebook Addiction

Depressed people are more likely to become dependent on using Facebook, suggests a study by researchers at the John Paul II Catholic University in Poland.

The study, published in European Psychiatry, looked at 672 Polish participants between the ages of 15 and 75 with an average age of 28.  The group was 67 percent female.

Participants answered two questionnaires.  One evaluated “Facebook intrusion,” or excessive involvement in Facebook that disrupts daily activities and interpersonal relationships, and the other measured depression factors.

The findings suggested that more time spent on the internet was associated with higher levels of Facebook use, and that Facebook intrusion was linked to increased depression scores.  However, in the absence of Facebook use, higher amounts of time spent on the internet every day didn't appear to be associated with depression.

While more research is needed to see if individual personality traits factor into these findings, the study does raise some concerns about the amount time spent on social media sites and the impact that can have over personal health and relationships.

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Sourced from: Reuters , Facebook addiction linked to depression