Depression and Synchronicity

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Hi everyone,

Have you ever experienced synchronicity?   Synchronicity is defined as a "meaningful coincidence."   Coincidences happen all the time but when we stop to look at them, they become open doors to exploration.   I look at synchronicity as a way to see things from a new perspective and also learn a little bit more about myself.   They are much akin to the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.   Do you dare to see where it goes?

Yesterday I experienced a small sychronicity.   Oprah was the cause.

It started with a confession from my son's babysitter.   She told me she had found a book on my bookshelf that she started to read and was enjoying.   When she described what it was about I could not remember reading the book.   And in fact, this was a book I have not read.   The truth is, I have many books I have not read because I don't have time.

Now this is where Oprah comes in.

I was telling you all in my question of the week that I have not watched the Oprah show in years and years.   I turned on the TV and in flipping around the channels discovered that Oprah was having her last show ever, yesterday.

The book that my babysitter had begun to read that very day was sitting right by the television.   The book is called, My Stroke of Insight, by Jill Bolte Taylor.   The author is a brain scientist who suffered a massive stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain.   She details her 8-year recovery from her brain injury and what it was like to heal from such a traumatic ordeal.

Imagine my surprise when Oprah starts talking about this book on her show on the same afternoon that my son's babysitter leaves the book beside the TV...a show I have not watched in years. Of all the books to discuss on her last show she chooses this one. As a matter of fact, Oprah had interviewed Jill Bolte Taylor and had a plaque with something this author had said which really resonated with Oprah.

The plaque reads, "Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space."

I was stunned. It was as though someone were really need to read this book...and here it is in case you forgot where you put it.

How could I not read this book now?

I read the back cover.   The date of this woman's stroke which changed her life?

My birthday.

I begin to read the first pages of the book.

The author talks about her older brother who has schizophrenia and how he was a catalyst for her wish to understand the human brain.   My mother's schizophrenia was my reason for going into the mental health field.

The year of the author's stroke is also when my youngest son with autism was born.

I have the book beside me.   It is just one of those strange things.   I am almost afraid to read the book.   Lots of coincidences for sure.   But it is all what you make of them.   We create our own meaning from the seemingly random incidents in our life.   It is a way to make sense of the world.

Maybe the simplest message for me is to slow down and take the time to read this book.   I choose to go down the rabbit hole.

How about you?   Have you experienced any synchronicity in your life?   What do you make of it when it happens?   Do you feel that maybe we have a deeper purpose to our lives and sometimes the coincidences remind us of what that purpose is?   Or do you think the universe is just full of random events which have no inherent meaning?   I am eager to hear what you think.

Post Note:   There is a wonderful TED presentation by Jill Bolte Taylor, NAMI advocate and brain scientist, about her recovery from her stroke and subsequent revelations.