Depression And Body Temperature


Asked by kyred72

Depression And Body Temperature

Does anyone get extremely cold right before crashing? So cold that no matter what you do you can't get warm and it doesn't matter if it is the dead of winter of mid-August. That's how I know I am about to downward spiral. I have asked my Therapist and Psychiatrist about this and they have never heard of it happening to anyone else.


Hi, Kyred. Your instincts are correct, but a lot more research needs to be done, which would explain why your clinicians never heard of it. As I understand things - and my knowledge is very sketchy on this - thermal dysregulation, sleep dysregulation, and mood dysregulation may be biologically related.

Basically, our sleep reflexes kick in at night, when it gets colder and it helps to stay cooled down at night. When our sleep is thrown out, all kinds of bad things happen moodwise.

It seems that melatonin can regulate both body temperature and sleep. You may want to consider this, in an extended release form.

Now I don't know if this applies to you, but yes, you have obviously spotted a clear relationship between your body temperature and your mood. Even if this isn't happening with anyone else - but I'm sure it is - it is happening with you.

You may have to do some experimenting on your own. For instance, hot bath if you feel cold. Cold bath if you feel hot. Maybe less bed covers, maybe more. Maybe a fan aimed at your head at night (the earlobes are major heat regulators), maybe sleeping with a knitted cap.

You have brought up something very major here. There are no clear answers. Everyone is different. But maybe we can learn more if readers share their experiences. Readers, please jump in.

In the meantime, please keep us posted.

Answered by John McManamy