10 Depression Influencers You Need To Know

These men and women share their personal stories about depression with openness and honesty.

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As a mental health speaker and author, I spend a lot of time sharing my own story with depression. While it can be tough as an introvert to open up and share such personal parts of my life, it's my passion. Why? Because I know first-hand how rough depression can be, and it's my goal to help as many people as I can. But I'm not the only one with that mission. So today I wanted to shine some light on 10 depression influencers online that I think you should know about.

1. Therese Borchard

It's hard to miss Therese Borchard when looking for depression and mental health support online. She's a phenomenal mental health writer and advocate. She has written for so many blogs and websites that I'm not going to list them all, but you can check them out on her website. She's also an advocate who shares her message with everyone she can. I love her article “How to Become More Emotionally Resilient,” where she shares the things that have helped her to live with depression. She’s also a writer and contributing editor for HealthCentral.

2. OC87 Recovery Diaries

I've done some work with OC87 Recovery Diaries in the past, and I truly believe the website is a powerful platform. There's just something about hearing the stories of other people who have dealt with depression on their own that makes you feel like you aren't alone in it. It also provides you with a safe place to share your story and find support.

3. Gabe Howard

Whether you prefer written content or audio, you can find support for depression and mental health through Gabe Howard. He is the author of the book “Mental Illness is an A-Hole” and has a blog that is packed with real-life stories and advice. Gabe also hosts two podcasts in the mental health niche, A Bipolar, A Schizophrenic, And A Podcast and The Psych Central Show. On top of that, he shares his story in an authentic way, and I believe that he offers something that anyone struggling with depression can connect with.

4. Natasha Tracy

If you've searched for help with depression or bipolar disorder before, you might’ve come across Natasha Tracy. She's been an inspiration to the mental health world for years. She has personal experience living with bipolar disorder and has drawn on that to write an award-winning blog called Bipolar Burble. She's also the author of the book, “Lost Marbles: Insights into My Life with Depression & Bipolar,” along with writing for other mental health platforms as well.

5. Kevin Hines

You may have heard the incredibly powerful depression story of Kevin Hines before. It has made its way around social media more than once. Nineteen years ago, Kevin jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived. Only 1% of those who have jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge have lived, and it was a life-changing experience for him. He now shares his story in an effort to help others get the help they need with depression so they can "be here tomorrow."

6. Jeff Yalden

Jeff Yalden is a sought-after mental health speaker for audiences of teenagers. He goes to schools all over the country after they’ve been rocked by suicide. He draws from his personal experiences with mental health challenges and works to teach teens the signs of suicide ideation to look for in themselves and their peers. He's also the author of multiple books, and his website is full of helpful resources.

7. Rudy Caseres

Rudy Caseres is on a mission to confront and transform forced psychiatric treatment. He speaks in person, and his work has been featured all over the internet as well. He hosts the podcast, No Restraints with Rudy Caseres, where he talks to other mental health advocates and those focused on suicide prevention and human rights.

8. Shane Schulz

Shane Schulz is another mental health influencer who uses his personal story to make an impact on others who are struggling. He founded the Speaking to the Heart Podcast Network after being diagnosed with multiple mental health challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic clinical depression. He wrote the book “Strength from My Struggles Within” and is the host of the podcast Arisen Strength.

9. Elyse Fox

Elyse Fox became an influencer in the mental health world after releasing a documentary about her struggles with depression. She discovered that women around the world needed a mentor to help them through their own struggles. That's how Sad Girls Club was founded. Their goal is to help create a community for women who are struggling with depression. They offer support online and hold live meetings.

10. Scott Ste Marie

Scott Ste Marie started to share his personal story with depression on YouTube before many others were willing to do the same thing. Depression to Expression has a membership site with an online forum and access to private videos about mental health. However, Scott also has hundreds of YouTube videos that you can watch for free. He uses his sense of humor to approach the topic of mental health and depression in a different way.

Finally, if you’re struggling with depression, it's easy to feel like you're all alone in your struggles. But you're not! Finding influencers online that you connect with can help you find the support you need.

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