Describe Your Depression: The Question of the Week

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Hi everybody.

I hope you are all surviving the week so far.   Let us know how you are doing.   Wanted to say thank you to all of our members who have been posting lately.   Keep it up   We love to hear from you.

Been thinking about how many types of feelings and emotions there are.   I found a website which lists four thousand words and phrases to decribe how you feel.   That is a lot of emotions!   A good many of these words and phrases can be used to describe feelings associated with depression.

When we use the word "depression" it can mean many different things to different people.   I thought it would be interesting to explore which descriptors, words, and phrases best describe how you feel when you are depressed.

I will start you off with this lead in sentence:

When I am depressed I feel.....

Here is my list:

  • Empty
  • Hopeless
  • A burden
  • Ugly
  • Unlovable
  • Weary
  • Numb
  • Despairing
  • Agitated
  • Like there is an anvil on my chest.
  • Wrung out like a washrag.
  • Wounded
  • At the bottom of my well.
  • Ashamed
  • Cut open
  • Vulnerable

Your turn.   Which words or phrases best describe how you feel when you are depressed.   Feel free to choose any of the words on the list of four thousand feeling descriptors or just wing it.

Looking forward to reading your responses.   Thank you for participating on this site.