Desert southwest the only place to live pain-free from Migraine?

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Hello, I am trying to get some information about weather-induced migraine.   I have been suffering from this type of headache for years, but have only recently made the connection between my headaches and living right at the intersection of the jet stream and the gulf air mass (in Little Rock, AR).   The headaches are debilitating, and though I have found two medications that work relatively well, I prefer not to medicate so much, and would rather tackle the source of the pain. I am considering moving myself and my family to the Helena, MT for several reasons, one of them being the change in weather patterns. However, I have recently heard that cold, dry air is often to blame for weather migraine.   When I lived in Tucson, AZ I did not experience the headaches.   Please, tell me the desert southwest is not the only place in the continental U.S. where I can live pain-free. Thank you, Courtney.


Dear Claudia;

This is a question for which there isn't one simple answer. People's bodies react differently to various weather influences. Thus, there are several weather / climate / location triggers possible...

  • changes in barometric pressure such as those created by storm fronts
  • altitude and changes in altitude
  • extreme heat and humidity
  • extreme cold and humidity
  • extreme cold and low humidity
  • going in and out of air conditioning or heating

As you can see by now, there simply isn't one "best" place to live. That said, the desert southwest such as Arizona and Nevada are often good locations for many people with weather triggered Migraines. The only way to know is to try these locations for yourself. If you're seriously considering moving to avoid this type of trigger, some extended vacations in advance of making your decision would be advisable.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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