DHE Injection Shortage

Patient Expert

The Migraine medication DHE 1mg, 1ml ampules for injection are in extremely short supply. Three labs that manufacture this Migraine medication are currently backordered, causing patients dependent on this abortive medicine to worry about and struggle treating their attacks.

Shortage Details

One production company is closing down. It manufactures for a drug company that, so far, has not stated when or if they may be able to provide the medication again.

A second company doesn't state a reason for the problem and has no estimated release date.

The third company states that a manufacture delay is the reason for their problem, and estimate they will be able to provide product sometime in late February or early March.


When patients began asking me if I had any details on the shortage of DHE injections, I immediately went to the FDA Medication Shortages web page where I found no details. Sadly, even today they have not yet updated their site to reflect this shortage. It's thanks to Migraine specialist Dr. David Watson, I am able to pass along the information which was available on a pharmacist site.

Many medications are manufactured out of the United States by outsourced companies. Pharmaceutical companies contract with them for product, which is shipped here and then sold to suppliers, from which your local drug store purchases their medications.

When I first heard rumors of a shortage, it seemed likely that the shortage was happening with specific suppliers, since it was not listed with the FDA. We now know the truth and I wanted to be sure patients got the word as soon as possible.

If you are a patient that depends on DHE injections, please check your supply and act accordingly. This may include a discussion with your physician to create a plan of action you can use until the medication is once again available in your area. If you have an active prescription, you might want to consider contacting your pharmacy and refill your prescription if they have any remaining supply left.

Thankfully, it appears the shortage will not last long, but we will keep our Health Central audience updated as soon as we have more information.

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