Diabetes diagnosed with inexpensive microchip

Scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine have developed a microchip which they say could be used to effectively diagnose type-1 diabetes.

The researchers sought to come up with a diagnostic test for type-1 diabetes that would be less expensive and time-consuming than the current method. Diagnosing the condition today involves radioactive materials, multiple scientists, takes several days and costs several hundred dollars per patient. The new microchip uses no radioactivity, is estimated to cost about $20 to make, requires minimal training and can produce results in minutes.

The microchip-based test, written about in Nature Medicine, requires a small amount of blood collected through a finger prick and then uses nanotechnology to detect auto-antibodies—a biomarker of type-1 diabetes. Researchers said that the test could help improve patient care as well as help the medical community better understand type-1 diabetes and lead to more effective treatments.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Diabetes diagnosed with inexpensive, portable microchip test