Diabetes risk reduced by coffee consumption

Don't forget to start your morning with a cup of coffee…or four.  New research from the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, a non-profit organization devoted to the study of science related to coffee and health, found that drinking four cups of coffee per day could reduce type 2 diabetes risk by up to 25 percent.  Drinking two or fewer cups of coffee per day saw no risk-reduction benefits.

Presented at the 2012 World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and Its Complications, the study found that regular moderate consumption of coffee reduces risk of developing the condition, though the reasons were not immediately clear.  Theories include that caffeine stimulates metabolism, coffee components influence glucose balance within the body and that coffee improves insulin sensitivity throughout the body.  Future testing may be required to discover the true cause.

This report also included another study that found each additional cup of coffee could reduce the relative risk of developing diabetes by seven to eight percent.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Risk of Diabetes May Be Reduced By Up to 25 Percent By Moderate Coffee Consumption