Diagnosed With Enlarged Prostate At 21?


Asked by Yoann

Diagnosed With Enlarged Prostate At 21?

My brother is only 21 and was recently diagnosed with having an enlarged prostate. The doctor told him he had the prostate of a 50-year-old man. What can he do? I am extremely concerned because I've read this can lead to cancer.


All prostates are benign before they turn into cancer, and all men are at risk for the development of prostate cancer as they get older. But the fact that the prostate is "large" does not mean that your brother is at an increased risk for the development of malignancy. There are many factors that contribute to the risk of developing prostate cancer and family history is very important to consider.

What needs to first happen is that the source of the groin pain needs to be determined. Groin pain could be a result of some prostatic problems, however, there are many other reasons. Since your brother has been told that he now has a "prostate problem" it would be wise for him to follow up with a urologist.

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