Diagnosis Of Ms Without Visible Lesions


Asked by Connie

Diagnosis Of Ms Without Visible Lesions

I would like to converse with some of the 10% of those with MS that have no typical lesions usually seen with MS. How long did it take to get a diagnosis. etc.


Hi Connie,

Back in 2000, I had optic neuritis but no brain lesions. At the time we did not look at my neck. In 2005, I had an attack which involved my arm/hand and we looked at my neck. One large and one teeny tiny lesion was found. Still no brain lesions.

I had to wait until the teeny lesion grew and another showed up before getting the official diagnosis. My lesions are typical but I don't have too many of them. The ones in my neck have grow together to form one large one (mostly) and the brain still doesn't have any large lesions to speak of.

I'm not in that 10% group, but hopefully this will give you an idea of how long it can sometimes take for MS to develop. If they had looked at my neck in 2000, I might have been diagnosed sooner. But then again, I might not have. Can't know for sure.

Answered by Lisa Emrich