Diamox "As Needed" Or Daily?


Asked by Katinthecorner

Diamox "As Needed" Or Daily?

I am on Elavil, and 90% of the migraines I get now are directly related to weather (thunderstorms, barometric pressure shifts, etc).

I want to try Diamox because I have heard that it is effective in preventing weather migraines.

My question is can I take Diamox on an "as needed" basis? Or is it only effective taken every day?

My neuro is hesitant to put me on Diamox because of the side effect profile, and if I could take it only "as needed" he might be more willing to try it.


Hi Katinthecorner,

Weather triggered Migraines can be troublesome for many Migraineurs, myself included. In case you haven't seen this article on the topic, here it is: Migraines Often Triggered By Change In the Weather.

In addition to regular Migraine preventive medication, Diamox is sometimes prescribed to take before a weather front moves in, or when flying. Here is an Ask the Clincian question that may be helpful to start a conversation with your doctor: Preventing Migraines triggered by weather changes.

I hope this helps.


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk