Can You Die From Pleurisy


Asked by melissa0107

Can You Die From Pleurisy

i have been told by the gp i have pleurisy my chest hurts when a cough and some times breath pain is on my right side . i also feel tiered all the time


Pleurisy - which refers to inflammation of the membrane that lines the lungs - is not in itself particularly dangerous. I have had pleurisy - and although it was quite painful an it cleared up. The 'danger' from pleurisy concerns the question why do you have pleurisy? For most people it's the result of some sort of infection or something they inhaled that irritated the lungs, that, while painful, clears up. For other people pleurisy is a complication of a more serious disease such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis or heart disease.

Your doctor will know what symptoms and signs to look for if you have any of those other disorders and would have advised you if you have them.

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