Diet Suggestions For Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy Patient.


Asked by Debbie

Diet Suggestions For Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy Patient.

My husband has been diagnosed with meseuteric lymphadenopathy. He has experienced a tremendous amount of pain in his lower stomach for over a month. The doctors want him to have a colonoscopy but our insurance has a $1,500.00 out of pocket expense that started on July 1st. He has had two C-T scans and it shows that the swollen lymph nodes have gone down. He is still in pain and we can't get any advice as to what kind of diet he should be on. Please help.


Hi Debbie,

Until your question I'd never heard of Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy. So, I did a little research on the web and found that it is an enlargement of the lymph nodes that surround the intestines and can cause severe abdominal pain. It also said it tends to affect mostly children but is seen in adults and could be the result of anything as simple as a viral infection that will clear up on its own, to the more serious like cancer.

Have you gotten a 2nd opinion from a different doctor to see if a colonoscopy is the best and most logical next step?

From what I've read diet doesn't seem to affect the lymph nodes or the pain. But, if you want to try it, most IBDers who have ab pain change to an easy-to-digest diet with things like bananas, white rice, yogurt, scrambled eggs, baked chicken or white fish, applesauce, white bread toasted, etc.

I'd get a 2nd opinion but also realize that the colonoscopy might truly be necessary to make sure something more serious isn't the cause of the swollen lymph nodes.

Best of luck to you both,


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