Different Color Patch On Nipples?


Asked by nalini_nalini

Different Color Patch On Nipples?

Hi I am about to complete 27, unmarried and working. I noticed first of all in 2004 that I had something bit different on my right nipple. It was a small small very samml area on nipple which was kind of skin colored. This is 2010 now and the kind of skin color area has become bigger.Its around the mid. I dont have any other problem. When my nipples are smooth then only I can see this different color but yes, if they become hard then I am not even able to see where all the different color has gone but otherwiseI am able to see it very clearly, more clearly now. Can it be a symptom? Inspite of no other symptom, it causes me extreme tension that what if it is? Can you please help me by throwing some light on it? I'll be obliged. Thanx.


Hi Nalini - Since you've had this for 6 years, it wouldn't be a cancer symptom - cancer fairly quickly develops into something obviously more serious. This simply sounds like a normal part of your skin; somehow the pigment has faded. However, since you seem very stressed about this, why not see a doctor? I'm sure getting some solid medical advice on this would help set your mind at ease. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel