I Have A Dilated Ureter What Does This Mean?


Asked by heather

I Have A Dilated Ureter What Does This Mean?

I have pain mostly on my right side which leaves me doubled up with pain. I ingest Buscopan to elevate pain and discomfort and pain killers. ApparentlyI have a dilated tube coming from my kidney. I do not know what the implications of this would mean. Does anyone else know?


A dilated ureter, called a hydroureter, often occurs because an obstruction somewhere is causing the fluid to back up causing the ureter - the tube that runs from the kidney to the bladder to become larger - ie become dilated.  That condition often occurs in pregnancy and can occur as a result of an infection.

According to several websites this condition is often treated with pain relievers and, if called for, medications to treat the infection that is causing the inflammation of the ureter. If your doctor prescribed OTC pain relievers, those may help your pain. Here are a few articles that may be useful to you:

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