Disability Approval Possible For Seronegative Ra Patient?


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Disability Approval Possible For Seronegative Ra Patient?


I'm new to RA Central and the RA online community in general, so please bear with me if this question has been addressed somewhere already. I have read RA information that there can be problems to get approval for disability if you have RA (at minimum to get a lawyer and expect appeals), and that a seronegative (false negative) diagnosis may prove impossible to get disability for. Is there a definitive source for information to confirm this? Has anyone received approval for disability with seronegative RA? I have Severe RA seronegative, and this is a concern for me.

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Thrive With RA,

It is not unusual to be sero negative. Up to 40% of RA patients are. A much clearer diagnostic test is the Anti-ccp. RA cannot be dxd on bloodwork alone. It take a family history, full physical exam and bloodwork to come to a dx of RA. Being sero negative will not be any different than sero positive as far as applying for SSDI. I am sero negative and was approved for SSDI without a lawyer on my first round. Make sure all your doctors are on board, and have all the paperwork necessary before filing. I filed online with no lawyer, contacted my congressmen and Senators for support and did anything and everything SSDI asked for right away, including seeing there doctor. Took about 6 months, but they pay you from the date of applying as long as it is 6 months AFTER you have become disabled! Go to Social Security online and you will find tons of good info!