Discomfort When The Weather Get Cold (After Breast Reconstruction)?


Asked by stepaheda

Discomfort When The Weather Get Cold (After Breast Reconstruction)?

My question may sound a little silly. But I noticed last year during my reconstion process that when the weather got cold, that my chest would feel very tight and it would be hard for me to breathe. At that time I thought (Oh, its just because everything is still so new, still healing). Now I completed my reconstruction in (09/2009), but I notice that now that the weather is getting cold I'm having that same problem again. So around the house I wear a warm vest, and when I go out I really have to make sure my chest is well protected. My question is: Is this normal has anyone else out there had this problem??? My daughter who works in the medical fill, keep telling me "Mom" your body is still trying to heal this is normal, just take is slow. But I feel like I've lost 2 yrs of my life already, I have things to do. But all joking aside, Is this a normal part of healing, I've had a lot of surgery in my chest area. Hope there is someone who can shine some light on this.

thank you in advance!


Stepaheda, remind me - did you have implants, or body-tissue reconstruction? Your daughter is right - it DOES take a long time to heal!! But perhaps, if implants, the silicone is somehow reacting to the cold? Readers, has anyone else experienced this? PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel