Can The Disease Itself (Ra) Cause Continued Elevated Liver Enzymes?


Asked by Brenda

Can The Disease Itself (Ra) Cause Continued Elevated Liver Enzymes?

I have just had a liver biopsy due to several months of elevated liver enzymes.

I have been off of all RA drugs due to the elevated numbers (mxt, sulfasalazine, Remicade) for 6 months +. Liver enzymes have not gone down. Can RA itself raise the enzymes? Needless to say, the pain is back, and I have absolutely no energy. I am concerned I may not be able to take any medication.

Anyone have info about this?


Hi, Brenda. Sorry to hear you had to have a liver biopsy. Not fun. One of our members here had a liver biopsy about a year ago, and it came out fine. Her liver enzymes are always elevated, but they said that just must be her. The did not find any disease. MTX has been known to cause issues with the liver, though, so it is good that they are checking to see if anything serious is going on. Are you permitted to take Prednisone and/or pain meds while you wait for the resuls of your test? You might find Liver problems due to med.'s interesting to read. Hope all goes well for you, and that you get some relief soon. Please let us know how you are doing.


Answered by Vanessa Collins