Ditch This Hangover Advice


“Beer before wine, you’ll be fine,” goes the old saying, but science may have just upended this advice. Hangover intensity is the same whether you drink beer before wine or the other way around, according to a German study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study involved 90 people between ages 19 and 40 under medical supervision. One group drank 40 ounces of beer, followed by four large glasses of wine. Another group drank the wine first and then the beer. The third group drank only beer or only wine. A week later, they repeated the experiment with the drinking order reversed in each group. (The beer first group now drank wine first, etc.)

Contrary to popular belief, drinking beer before wine didn’t produce milder hangover symptoms.

So, what can affect your hangover symptoms after a night of drinking? Two factors, say the researchers:

  1. How drunk you feel.

  2. Whether or not you throw up.

People who feel more intoxicated and those who vomit report more severe hangover symptoms the next day.

Sourced from: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition