DNA tests may predict prostate cancer risk

Doctors may be able to predict patients’ risk of prostate cancer by conducting DNA tests,concludes a new study from the Institute of Cancer Research in London.

Scientists took blood samples from almost 200 men with prostate cancer and three or more of everyone’s family members who also had prostate cancer. The blood samples were tested for 14 specific genetic mutations, which previous studies have found to increase risk of prostate cancer. The results revealed that 7 percent of the participants had at least one of the 14 high-risk mutations, and these men demonstrated the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

The next stage of research will involve a similar study conducted on 2,000 men and testing almost 200 genes. Researchers predicted that if the study helps them better understand the genetic risk factors for men developing prostate cancer, DNA testing could be used as a screening method as soon as two to three years from now.

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Sourced from: BBC, DNA prostate test 'will predict deadliest cancer risk'