Do Energy Drinks Spur Risky Sex?

For that extra boost to pull an all-night study session or to get through a tough workout, college students go wild for those sugar- and caffeine-laden “energy” drinks.  Now a college in Vermont is setting forth the idea that the drinks are helping the students go wild in a sexual way.

Administrators at Middlebury College claim these drinks contribute to "problematic behavior" like risky sex and alcohol abuse, and as a result they’ve banned the on-campus sales of energy drinks. That means Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy will no longer be available at any of the retail locations on campus.

A 2014 study published in Nutrition Review found risky sex -- such as having unprotected intercourse and having sex under the influence of alcohol or other drugs -- was more common among those who consumed caffeinated energy drinks. Another study from the University of Buffalo suggested that, among college students, mixing energy drinks with alcohol increased the number of drunken hookups or casual sex.

Of course, students determined to get the banned beverages will still be able to buy these products off-campus. On campus, college officials say that healthier alternatives to energy drinks, such as Guayaki Yerba Mate, will be available.

Sourced from: Medical Daily, Vermont College Claims Energy Drinks Promote 'Problematic Behavior', Bans Them From Being Sold