Do men feel more pain than women after surgery?

It’s often debated that men and women feel pain on different levels, with women being able to withstand more pain than men. New research from Europe adds to this debate by concluding that men may experience more pain during major surgeries and women may experience more pain during minor treatments.

More than 10,000 patients at a German hospital were observed after undergoing various surgeries. Patient interviews showed men reported experiencing more pain than women. The findings were collected over four years.

Men reported more pain after major surgeries and women reported more pain after minor procedures. Many factors affected the outcomes. Men, for instance, reported less pain when an attractive female nurse treated them compared to an older male nurse.

The reason may be due to hormonal differences between genders. For example, testosterone is shown to decrease pain, and women gain a higher pain threshold over the years because of their menstrual cycle. Cultural and psychological differences may also play a role.

So do men feel more pain than women? The study doesn’t provide a definitive answer, but it provides some interesting insights.

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Sourced from:, Men 'feel more pain after major ops'