Do Pets in the Bedroom Mess with Your Sleep?

It's great to have your pet sleep in your bed at night, right?  Well, maybe not, according to a small study recently done at the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

It's a subject that hasn't really received much research and it's generally not something that doctors bring up with their patients. But when researchers at Mayo asked 150 patients at its sleep clinic about their pet's sleeping habits, more than half said they had more than one pet and that their animals slept in their bedrooms.

One in five pet owners did say their animals could be disruptive, citing wandering or snoring.

But twice as many insisted that their pets didn't cause any problems and might even help them sleep. This included one married 35-year-old man who had a cat, four Chihuahuas and a basset hound and a married 43-year-old woman who had two dogs and five cats.

People sleeping alone, whether they were single or had a partner who wasn’t always there at night, more often spoke of pets as beneficial evening companions.

The study didn't draw any clear conclusions about the effect pets have on people with sleep problems.  But it did reflect how many people who have trouble sleeping share their beds with animals.

The findings suggest that pets should be a topic of conversation when it comes to investigating sleep problems. 

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Sourced from: Reuters, Are pets in the bedroom a problem for sleep?