How Do I Get My Doctor To Take Me Seriously?


Asked by Mel

How Do I Get My Doctor To Take Me Seriously?

I've had a number of MS symptoms over the past week, but have only just put together past occasions and realised I may have signs of MS. 6 months ago I had pain / tightening around my chest (ribs) for a number of weeks which then completely went. 2 years ago I had tingling / pins and needles in first left arm, then right, then legs which lasted a few weeks then went. Was transferred to a neurologist on this occasion but the pain had passed by then and she put down to muscular. The past week I've had tingling /pins and needles in both arms and legs and lower face/tongue, nausea and dizziness, headache, body aches, slurred speech, disorientated, confused, unable to put a sentence together- recall what I was just doing, going to do. Clumsy - keep walking into / knocking things over. Am going to hopefully see my gp tomorrow again, but saw him last week when I thought I had a virus and he immediately said, well it's not MS because the tingling /pins and needles are in too many areas at once - you can only get symptoms in one area ie single arm. This doesn't ring true from what I've read over the past few days. Would you advise I ask to see a neurologist again? Thanks


Hi Mel,

Our GP's are excellent at dealing with common illnesses and general internal medicine issues. Unfortunately, they can't be experts on all things and may not keep up with the most recent guidelines on diseases such as MS. I would definitely ask to see a neurologist, preferably one who specializes in MS.

It is completely possible to have the symptoms you are describing. Numbness does not need to be limited to one area at a time. With all that you describe, you need to have an MRI scan conducted with an injected contrast agent. There are other tests to identify nerve damage. Testing the spinal fluid can also provide evidence of demyelination in the central nervous system.

I do think that you should see a neurologist. Good luck

Answered by Lisa Emrich